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Liquid Core® POWERBALL Performance Chews™ 5-Pack

Liquid Core® POWERBALL Performance Chews™ 5-Pack

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An Experience You Can CHEW

When you bite into each sugar-free, natural POWERBALL™ Chew, you will embark on a journey unlike any other.

Phase 1:

Experience a powerful burst of flavor, and feel the surge of energy designed to recharge your senses.

Phase 2:

Uncover the mental fog and watch the afternoon slump melt away when the Natural Caffeine takes effect faster than any beverage possibly can.

Phase 3:

The long-lasting POWERBALL™ flavor will then take charge and you will find yourself able to chew for well over 60 seconds, stimulating your body and your mind.

An EXPERIENCE That Lasts Until The Very End

When you CHEW a POWERBALL™ Performance Chew, it remains enjoyable and flavorful up until there is nothing left - and when the chew is gone, the journey continues from the clean energy boost you get from each POWERBALL™ Chew.

  • Gym Junkies

  • Travelers

  • Office Workers

  • Gamers

  • Parents

  • Party-Goers

  • Runners

  • Athletes

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