We're On A Mission to Revolutionize The World Through The Ultimate Chewing Experience

Liquid Core® POWERBALL Performance Chews™ are the world's most inspirational, sustainable, chewable supplements. We believe that everyone on Earth has the right to embrace their passions, unleash their creativity, and live their life to the absolute fullest, so we created a key to help others get there.

We want to encourage everyone to look within to unlock their potential and make the world a better place. That is why sustainability is the cornerstone of our business - from our manufacturing location in Portugal, to our packaging and our fully edible chews, our Leave Nothing Behind philosophy is engrained in every aspect of the brand.

POWERBALL Performance Chews™ are not only shaping the future of chewables, but also the world. We've combined our favorite features of Hi-Chew™, Starburst™, Razzles™, and Liquid Core® Gum for a unique chewing experience to deliver functional ingredients that will change the world for the better.

The idea for a liquid center performance chew was born when supply chain issues halted the manufaturing industry, and gum base was hard to come by. During this time, we noticed more and more functional supplements popping up on the market, but with our background in Liquid Core® Gums, we know that functional gummies, beverages, pills and other edibles suffer from the First Pass Effect, and non-liquid center functional chewing gums can retain up to 18% of the active ingredients in the gum shell.

Our vision was for something that was effective with a phenomenal taste and memorable experience, that we could one day see on the shelves at Whole Foods. We wanted something that tasted like a gummy, but chewed like a gum that you never actually had to spit out (and kept our liquid center delivery system, of course).

We love the cognitive benefits that chewing gum can help to uncover, but we also understand there is a time and place where you just need fast and delicious energy without having to chew too long or throw it away.

From that vision, we were able to create Liquid Core® POWERBALL Performance Chews™. It's not a chewing gum, and not a gummy, but it is a high quality chewable that provides an excellent taste and texture to the very end, leaving nothing behind but your boosted energy.


We knew that a revolutionary concept like Liquid Core® POWERBALL™ Performance Chews needed to be powered by something of the same magnitude - and what is more iconic than a 100 foot wave?

The powerful waves in Nazaré represent the power that is packed into each Liquid Core® POWERBALL™ that we hope can help transform lives. Water has the power to change everything it touches - we seek to do the same.