Liquid Core® POWERBALL Performance Chews™ are healthy candy with a purpose. We hollowed out the inside of a delicious, long-lasting chew and filled it with active ingredients to help you perform better, be healthier and enhance your wellness.

Beverages and gummies don't cut it. The Liquid Core® Technology sets POWERBALL Performance Chews™ apart from the crowd - helping you to live your best life.

  • Skip the timing of your pre-workout and know that you will have good, clean energy within 5-10 minutes of chewing a POWERBALL Performance Chew™.

  • No mixing, shaking, refridgerating or prepping. Just pop in a POWERBALL Performance Chew™ and hit the road as the Liquid Core® Technology releases the ingredients more effectively.

  • Who wouldn't want their energy faster, more effective and more delicious? POWERBALL Performance Chews™ gives you a better way to energize inside of a guilt-free piece of candy!


First Pass Effect (First Pass Metabolism):

A process (common with pills, gel caps, tablets, gummies and beverages) in which a vitamin, drug or other active ingredient is absorbed in gastrointestinal tract and transported via the portal vein to the liver; where it is metabolized.

As a result, only a small portion of the active ingredient serves it's purpose in the bloodstream.


**Avoid the possible First Pass Effect delays and reductions that can happen with other supplement delivery methods.


Studies have shown that the intended dose of active ingredients inside non-liquid center gums and gummies are not fully released. Some of them can leave up to 18% of the ingredients trapped in the shell.

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